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The Edgebanding Finder is a versatile and powerful search engine that cross references the perfect Edgebanding solution to major high-pressure laminate, thermofused melamine and thermofoil door manufacturers. It also provides information about product availability from stock.




Doellken-Woodtape Offers Matching Edgebanding To Nevamar's Barista Series

Doellken-Woodtape offers matching Edgebanding to the new Barista Series from Nevamar. The Nevamar selection combines woodgrain colors that offer a warm and inviting environment that brings people together.

This environment would not be complete without a perfectly matching Edgebanding that completes the panel perfectly in color, design and texture. 


Please click here to see Nevamar's Barista collection.


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Clean And Streamlined Kitchen Designs Not a Regional Trend Anymore

Kitchen designs vary from region to region. There are regional design differences as well as regional style difference. However, there is a more universal trend design across the US and Canada towards clean, uncluttered lines with less ornaments and moldings. The more 'European Design' style is not a regional trend anymore and can be seen in kitchens across North America. Kitchen designers can choose from a variety of available materials including wood, plastic, glass, stainless steel and stone with surfaces ranging from super matte to high gloss, wood or concrete textures as well as different fabrics from suede to leather.


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Digital-Edge: Photo-Realistic Designs Printed On Edgebanding

Just imagine you could freely select an inexpensive fantasy design for your individual piece of furniture – in small batch sizes and with a short delivery time. Doellken-Woodtape can offer you this and can print any motif of your choice onto your Edgebanding, using our trendsetting digital printing technology. Utilising this newly developed technology, it is now possible for the first time to also apply photo-realistic themes to Edgebanding using the full colour spectrum.

Please click here to go to our design gallery!

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Doellken-Woodtape Is GreenGuard Certified!

Doellken-Woodtape, a Surteco Division, was awarded the most stringent GREENGUARD CERTIFICATION FOR CHILDREN AND SCHOOLS from the Greenguard Environmental Institute. The company's PVC, ABS and 3D products have been independently tested meeting one of the most rigorous chemical emission standards in the world!

The GREENGUARD CHILDREN AND SCHOOLS Program includes specialized requirements that address the unique sensitivity of infants and children in daycares, schools and other sensitive environments. Doellken-Woodtape Edgebanding meets these stringent requirements, including additional limits on chemicals such as phthalates and toxins that impact child development.

Doellken-Woodtape is eager to demonstrate the commitment to environmental excellence, healthy lifestyles and sustainable living. The GREENGUARD CHILDREN AND SCHOOLS certificate is synonymous with the highest level of corporate commitment to protect indoor environment.

Please click here for more GREENGUARD information!

Doellken-Woodtape Offers RIEPE Panel Cleaning Products

Doellken-Woodtape compliments its product offering of high-quality Edgebanding and Dorus hotmelt adhesives with another high-quality brand!

RIEPE®, located in Buende, Germany, has been developing and producing electronically controlled spraying systems together with the appropriate chemical products.

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Streamlined Kitchen Designs
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