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AQUA STOP - Effectively Sealing The Edge

Doellken-Woodtape is further refining its product program complimenting the company's Edgebanding offering.

Damage due to the presence of moisture, through either direct contact or by capillary action, can now be avoided with the use of the unique water-resistant ‘AQUA-STOP-PEN’.

The AQUA STOP PEN offers a variety of features and benefits enhancing the quality and longevity of the finished board product substantially..

The product is available directly from Doellken-Woodtape or from the company's nationwide distribution partners. 


Download the AQUA-STOP Flyer today!


Please click here for an AQUA-STOP sample.


The Right Edgebanding Choice For Restaurants

Clean And Streamlined Kitchen Designs Not a Regional Trend Anymore

Kitchen designs vary from region to region. There are regional design differences as well as regional style difference. However, there is a more universal trend design across the US and Canada towards clean, uncluttered lines with less ornaments and moldings. The more 'European Design' style is not a regional trend anymore and can be seen in kitchens across North America. Kitchen designers can choose from a variety of available materials including wood, plastic, glass, stainless steel and stone with surfaces ranging from super matte to high gloss, wood or concrete textures as well as different fabrics from suede to leather.


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AQUA STOP - Effectively Sealing the Edge!
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